Who We Are

Since 2011 we have been creating custom Neoprene cases in Tucson, Arizona, for customers worldwide. Unlike many manufacturers, we have low minimum order quantities and rapid single prototypes. Whether you’re looking for one, one hundred, or thousands of cases. We will work with you to build the perfect Neoprene case. No design is too complex. Our Neoprene cases are designed exactly to your specifications. We can add zippers, branding, and other fabrics if needed.

What We Do

We build custom Neoprene cases, pouches, and sleeves perfectly sized to fit your needs. We can build custom Neoprene cases in any color with any design. You can choose from a variety of zippers, Velcro, straps, belts, and buckles and can even add your logo. After you fill out a simple Contact form, our design team will contact you directly. We can typically produce a custom prototype/complete design within 2-3 days (charges apply).

Once you are completely satisfied with the prototype, we will begin working on your order. Our process is simple. Because our products are sewn in the USA, you can expect quick turnaround times. A small or medium order will typically be shipped to you within two to three weeks. Lead times for larger or more complex custom orders will vary.

Why Neoprene

Neoprene is a very versatile material, making it a great option for custom cases, pouches, and sleeves. The material is cushioned and provides practical protection for any devices. Depending on its use, Neoprene can also provide insulation for certain items.

Neoprene, or Polychloroprene is a type of synthetic rubber.  It is a soft, Flexible, and durable sponge rubber that has the following unique features:

  • WATER RESISTANCE: Neoprene sheds water extremely effectively, making it an ideal outdoor material.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Neoprene resists degradation from sunlight, ozone, oxidation, rain, snow, sand and dust – all weather conditions that can heavily wear down normal materials.
  • THERMAL & MOISTURE INSULATION: The gas cells of neoprene make it an ideal insulation material, most notably in wetsuits and can holders.
  • STRETCHABLE: Neoprene is elastic and form-fitting.  The stretchy characteristic of neoprene allows it to applied to equipment, products, and fits of varying sizes and shapes.
  • CUSHIONING AND PROTECTION: The varying thicknesses and densities of neoprene can provide just the right amount of protection to absorb the shock of everyday handling of your products.  Neoprene has been a common choice in electronics protection as well as wearable protection as well in the form of braces and pads.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BUOYANT: Neoprene contains gas cells which helps the foam stay lightweight and also helps the material naturally float when in water.
  • CHEMICAL AND OIL RESISTANT: Neoprene performs well in contact with oils that are derived from petroleum and many other chemicals and remains useful over a wide temperature range.

We mainly use 3mm neoprene but have other thicknesses available. Neoprene is typically covered in a layer of cloth fabric on either side.

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